How to Grill in the Rain: Tips on How You Can Still Enjoy your BBQ If it Starts Raining

Can you grill in the rain?

Yes, you can. 

The sound of the rain on the roof is usually enough to put you in a bad mood, but how can you deal with it when your grill has been set up outside? The answer is simple. You still have options for grilling in the rain.

There are two main ways to keep grilling outdoors. First, at the same time, it rains: by using your trusty charcoal or propane grill indoors. Another option is by cooking inside on a stovetop.

Grilling in the rain does have some advantages that you might not think of.

(1) It’s important to know that a rainy day will keep your food fresher longer. In addition, the humidity of a rainy day is beneficial to your food since it keeps it wetter.

Your grilled meal will have more juiciness and a delicious texture due to the moisture in the food.

(2) The temptation to peek under the lid and inspect my meal is often difficult to resist. Realistically, heat and smoke are lost each time you open your grill’s lid. You’re obliged to leave the cover closed in the rain, which is a blessing in disguise.

Your grill will hold more heat (if not too windy) and smoke, resulting in better flavor.

Don't Do The Following

Avoid Grilling in the Garage

You should never, under any circumstances, attempt to cook in your garage when it is raining. Never mind doing it. It’s pretty dangerous. Not only can carbon monoxide kill you, but the smoke damage you’ll cause will certainly devalue your home.

Don’t allow rain to pour onto your food

Don’t let rain puddle on your meal, flame, or coals. You don’t want any chemicals in the rain to contaminate your food. Still, you also don’t like rain to splash ashes and other particles all over it. If you can’t prevent rain from hitting your food directly, find a solution before grilling in the shower.

Never grill in the high winds

Make sure you aren’t cooking in high winds either since these are more challenging conditions with which to contend!

Don’t light up near a dry tree

Be careful not to light fires near trees where branches might be caught ablaze by stray sparks as well- this isn’t safe no matter what the weather conditions are.

Ignoring wind direction

It’s essential to check that your grill isn’t pointed into the wind, as this will blow smoke and embers back toward you! Also, be aware of any obstructions between you and where your food is cooking. Don’t let anything get in its way.

Don’t Leave Your Grill Unattended

Never leave your grill unattended when you’re outside! You can’t predict what will happen, and it’s always safer to stay by the grill than to go inside for a quick break.

Things You'll Need

A few things will simplify your life when it comes to grilling in the rain. The idea is to improve your setup and surroundings to spend less time in the shower and minimize the impact of the rain on your cooking.

Even if your setup is highly robust, you’ll want the following equipment:

A raincoat

I know what you’re thinking, “It might sound super obvious, but a raincoat is essential for your comfort and safety!”. If we don’t have any repellent outer layer on, our clothes will get damp. Furthermore, it can be uncomfortable because itchy fabric chafes against the skin or, worse, takes off more than just some water weight-leaving us chilly as heck!

Non-slip shoes

We don’t want to get injured either. The last thing you need is a trip and fall accident. When the ground gets slippery from rain or weather conditions like snow, it can make this even more dangerous.

A power strip with an extension cord

You’ll need multiple outlets! Even if your grill has its built-in light (which saves electricity), it’s still nice to have some extra lighting for safety purposes. Isolating one part of the backyard where things won’t get wet will help, too.

So consider placing your outdoor dining table there while keeping all other surfaces off-limits. For example, you are putting up temporary fencing around areas where people can easily walk through if they slip and slide on slick spots nearby.

A grill caddy

Grill caddies can be made out of wood or metal. They are designed to carry your portable grill and accessories. So you don’t have to run back and forth between the table where food is being served. Especially during busy cookouts when a lot is going on at once!

Steps: How to Grill in the Rain

Here are some helpful steps on how to cook in the rain:

1. Use a Tarp

Use a tarp to cover your grill when it’s in use. The canvas sheet will protect the food from getting wet while you’re grilling, and if it gets dirty or damaged, replace the old one!

However, make sure that rainwater is not dripping into your barbecue. So instead of using an ordinary plastic covering, consider buying metallic ones explicitly made for this purpose at home improvement stores. This way, they can hold up better than cheap thin sheets, which are more likely to tear.

2. Select an Umbrella or Rain Jacket

Do you have a large umbrella and a raincoat? While another person holds the umbrella, protect the meal from the showers. It will help prevent the food from getting too wet.

However, you can use a raincoat if the umbrella isn’t available near you to protect yourself from the rain.

3. Maintain the grill temperature

Expect longer cook times if the rain is pouring down on your Grilling. Because of the rain’s cooling influence on the grill, you may need to check temperatures with a thermometer while cooking.

Also, suppose you’re using a charcoal barbecue. In that case, you’ll probably need to add more wood chips or arrange for some extra assistance.

4. Cut down the grilling time

Warm the grill and use it to heat plates, utensils, and drinks. If you’re preparing a simple meal for guests or family, consider using Foil-Pack Dinner Recipes instead of preparing everything at once.

These steps show how you can still cook outside even during heavy rains. However, there are ways to grill in the rain without having weather conditions like these affecting what you’re doing. Precautions have been taken beforehand by ensuring you have the right supplies and equipment at hand when it comes to how to grill in the rain.

Tips on Grilling in the rain 

  • Try To Minimize The Wind’s Impact
  • Closely Monitor Your Temperature
  • Check Your Vents
  • Try a Remote Thermometer
  • Pre Cook Your Food Indoors (Reverse Sear)
  • If You’re Cooking Indoors, Keep Your Grill Clean and Dry

Wrap Up on How to Grill in the Rain

In conclusion, how to grill in the rain can be done. Just remember those tips and tricks on cooking outside even with inclement weather!

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