How To Cool Down Your Charcoal Grill? – Everything You Need!

Charcoal grilling is a cooking art like no other, hands down. It produces tasty meals for your closed ones. In addition, using a charcoal grill for cooking helps prepare food items with a terrific smoky flavor. But how should you deal with cooling down during and after the cooking?

From vent to grate management, here’s what you’ll require on How To Cool Down Your Charcoal Grill for low-and-slow cooking or when you’re ending up in a session quickly and safely.

Cooling Your Charcoal Grill While Cooking

At the point when you grill with charcoal, the temperature is determined by exactly how intense the coal burns. Charcoal demands oxygen to ignite, as well as oxygen, is provided through your charcoal grill vents.

It’s a straightforward 2-step process.

1. Restrict the airflow

Cooling your charcoal grill while cooking is reasonably simple. Firstly, you are required to restrict the airflow by closing your vents. In any case, your grill is excessively hot and furthermore, food is burning, try shutting your vents a bit.

2. Monitor the temperature

Here you need to monitor the temperature throughout the following five to ten minutes. After that shut the vents to the halfway position if the cooking temperature is even more than you require.

Step by step, you’ll get an inclination for precisely how to set up your vents for cooking at any sort of temperature level. It would be great if you have a hood thermometer on your grill, then you’ll have the ability to close the lid and furthermore get an accurate indication of the temperature.

You can additionally read your user handbook for recommendations on how} to regulate the temperature. A few grill designs have straightforward setups with notches on the air vent control, so cooling down the grill while cooking will be convenient as well as consistent.

Cooling Your Charcoal Grill At the End of a Cooking Session

On the off chance that you’ve ended up cooking and also need to chill your grill off for hassle-free storage, you can take these actions…

1. Remove the cooking grate

Take off the grate away from the body of the grill after you have taken off the food, making use of long tongs or a stick. Keep the grate apart in a safe location.

Use the tongs or stick to gather up the coals however much as could be expected. This helps them release heat as well as additionally breaks them right into smaller-sized pieces so that they will cool down much faster.

2. Shut the lid & slide the vents shut

Shut the lid on the charcoal grill and also slide the vents shut to block oxygen from getting to} the coals and maintaining the fire lit and warm.

3. Spray the coils with water

You need to open the lid of the grill just after ten minutes. After that spray the coals with water from a spray bottle. Try not to douse the coals.

A lot of water, too quickly, can create a scalding vapor and risk twisting the grill. Mix the coals while spraying them and proceed with this technique until the coals are cool.

Final Thoughts

When you understand exactly How To Cool Down Your Charcoal Grill for cooking or cleanup, it will certainly end up being nearly as convenient as a gas model.

Now you can enjoy all the great smoky flavors of charcoal without needing to worry about unrestricted heat. 


After I cook on my charcoal grill and wait for it to cool down, is it safe to put my cover back over it or is there a chance it will catch on fire?

What type of cover are you placing over your grill that would catch fire? If it’s a metal lid, you don’t need to worry. Metal doesn’t catch fire at those temperatures.

If it is a plastic cover, make sure the grill is stone cold. Plastic melts at pretty low temperatures.

How do you add more charcoal to a grill that is starting to cool down?

The simplest technique is by starting a chimney starter of charcoal and adding that to the existing coal bed.

Additionally, keep in mind the set up of the grill when you plan to barbecue for a while. Longer cooks need to add unlit coals to the charcoal area.

When a chimney starter is all set with hot coals, you can dump these near the unlit coals, which at some point will lite and keep maintaining the temperature entering the grill.

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