The Weber Q1000 Review: Little Grill, Big Performance

Do you want a grill that is small, lightweight, and can go anywhere with you? The weber q1000 propane gas grill review will tell you more about this weber’s smaller cousin. It uses propane gas canisters and has a cooktop size of 189 sq. inches, making it one of the most portable grills on the market today!


  • It is ready to operate right out of the box.
  • The design is simple and durable. It’s easy to maintain and clean.
  • A portable grill with excellent performance
  • It’s simple to store and travel-friendly
  • Because of the small size, this is a good option for storing in an RV.
  • It’s versatile and may be used as a tabletop grill or on the optional grill cart.
  • The flexibility to utilize a 20-pound propane tank with the offered propane adaptor hose is fantastic for extended excursions or in your backyard.
  • Small, simple to use, and incredibly easy to maintain.
  • It comes with a five-year Weber warranty.


  • The BTU value is relatively low (Only one 8500 BTU burner)
  • Only runs propane gas

Weber Q1000 Review: Main Features 

Surface cooking area

The Weber Q1000 is a single-burner grill. As a result, it isn’t one of the larger grills on the market. However, it corresponds to a cooking surface of 189 sq. inches. It is about the size of a large cutting board, if you can imagine.

Dimensions and Weights

The Weber Q1000 weighs 27 pounds with an overall height of 16 inches, length at 14.25 inches, and depth of 29 inches (front to back-right to the left). This model features very few parts that require assembling when it arrives at your doorstep.


The grilling surface is made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, which heats up quickly and retains heat exceptionally well. It’s also easy to clean since it doesn’t hold much grease.


It is a propane grill. It uses 20-pound propane tanks. It has an adaptor hose attached to one of these cylinders (not included).

Safety Features

The Weber Q1000 offers a piezo-electric ignition. It will spark when you press the button, and it’s simple to light up with one touch of a finger. It also has an integrated thermometer in the lid. It is designed for convenience since it doesn’t come off or get in your way while cooking.


As far as assembly, there isn’t much to it. The main body of the grill has only one part that’s meant to be attached (the side table). It takes about 30 minutes or less if you’re fast with your hands.

Overall Performance and Functions

The Weber Q1000 is a fantastic grill. The device’s construction is exceptional, and it has a cast-aluminum lid. This material provides excellent durability and has the best heat retention in its class.

The controls are simple. All you have to do is press a button to turn the burner on. This model has enough power for grilling big steaks and a few burgers.

The grill cart on this unit is sturdy and can be folded. It can slide in from the front and remain in place once secured. It’s also simple to move since it’s designed that way.

Special Features 

The Q1000 comes equipped with a sturdy folding cart built right into the design. The front of the unit has a push-button ignition, and it features an integrated thermometer in the lid.


When you have all the accessories required, your cooking becomes more enjoyable. The Weber Q1000 was created to meet this need. It includes all of the necessary accessories for grilling. A cast griddle is one of the essential elements because it is a propane grill.

Price Point 

The Weber Q1000 is one of the least expensive models on our list. It costs around $200 (currently). It’s also portable and compact enough to take with you anywhere you go! And this little grill packs quite a bit of power.


The Weber Q 1000 comes with a 5-year warranty. However, this guarantee does not cover typical usage-related wear and tear.

Who is the Weber Q1000 for?

The Weber Q1000 is an excellent grill for those who want a lightweight device and can take it on the road with them. It’s perfect for cooking up a family meal over the campfire, and it will perform well enough to cook steaks. It has all of the features of a larger grill, but it’s much more compact.

Where should I get this product?

You can get the Weber Q1000 from Amazon. com. It’s a site that provides excellent customer service and will deliver your order to you quickly! Also, Amazon offers fast shipping options so you can get your grill up and running in no time.

Alternative Products


Grill cover

A grill cover is the easiest way to protect your grill. This cover will fit Weber Q 1000/1200/1400 grills.

Portable Cart

The Weber Q stand is fantastic for taking the barbecue out and about and setting it up. No outdoor table is required.

Cast Iron Griddle

Extraordinary for making flapjacks, eggs, bacon, thus substantially more. Try not to use more than one thing at a time.

Weber Aluminum Drip Pans

Keep grill spotless and incredible for cooking side dishes.

Wrap Up 

The Weber Q1000 is a great grill. It’s portable, convenient, and provides all the features you expect from any larger model. So if you are looking for something simple that can travel with you anywhere without too much hassle, this might be your best option!

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